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  • Michael on 2015-Oct-14 16:03:11 Michael said

    i'm so glad to have found this!!! we're constantly extiriemenpeng at different places, but don't have the time or enough local interest to put it on our blog. two asian places that i would suggest off the bat would be Yings Tea House & Yum Yum on high street in clintonville, which has gained some popularity and Hometown Carryout and Deli (or deli & carryout) in the Microcenter shopping center on Bethel rd. Both are phenomenal and more traditional fare than you'll find elsewhere.
  • Forever on 2017-Feb-22 19:47:23 Forever said

    GI i meant to be a quality certifcate! See the Sttament of objects and reasons to the GI Act or the Act itself. It is meant to ensures that the goods sold under a particular GI meet with the quality and reputation or other chaeactrristics of the goods and prevents the consumers from deception.

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